Arcade Projects
Williams Defender Restoration
This project was on hold for over 7 years but was reactivated this summer along with several other projects.

MAME Arcade Emulation Machine
Conversion of a Midway arcade cabinet into a MAME machine to play multiple arcade games.

Dynaudio Speaker System
A 3-way high end speaker system using Dynaudio Drivers.

Compact MTM Speakers for Jeeps
An investigation into improving the sound in Jeep Wranglers.

Record Cleaning Machine
This RCM is based on the VPI 16.5 and is just about complete. The prototype is working but the vacuum motor is a bit anemic. A redesign to accomodate a stronger motor I found in a dumpster is on the list of things to do.

Vintage Audio
Cleaning out the basement of my parents' house in Queens, NY has me busy going through my father's collection of audio equipment from the 60's and 70's. I've been cleaning up, repairing and updating several of the pieces.

Fisher FM-100 tuners
I've updated two of these fabulous tuners.The power supplies and the output stages have new capacitors, rectifiers and precision resistors. Well worth the time and effort. Still a few things to be done to the cabinets.

Fisher Model 90-T
Plugged this in and it worked! On the list of things to do is a full deOxit bath and testing.

Archived Projects

The QuickSpin is an old arcade spinner project that works but it is certainly not an elegant design. It's not too bad for steering wheels but as a stand alone spinner there are much better ones to buy or build. The project is here to keep all the old links working including those out of the book Project Arcade.